Quickview Company Profile

OSEC is the solution provider and system integrator of total building solutions and Extra Low Voltage (ELV) system for civil works and factories.

In our business scope, OS always aim to provide our customers with optimal solutions, safety, energy saving and environmental protection, in line with the trend of "green buildings" in Vietnam and world-wide standardization of building industry.


In 2011, the company was founded from a group of young engineers , with experiences in deployment and system integration of Siemens Building Technologies in a lot of projects in Vietnam .

2013 , OSEC has changed company management model and strategic direction, to focus on technical services and provide high quality solutions for infrastructure in residential buildings , commercial , pharmaceutical plants and Hospital.

2014 , OSEC company is the official partner of Johnson Controls , the brand that presence earliest in the field of Energy management solutions – Fire & Security in Vietnam.

2016, OSEC was a partner of DEOS AG - Germany, distributing solutions products in the field of energy management, building automation management (Energy Management System, Integrated Building Management System)

2018, OSEC was a partner of Dorosin, which is the manufacturer and supplying Commercial Refrigerant Type Dehumidifier, Wet-film Humidifier and Ultrasonic Humidifier

Currently, OSEC company aims to provide building & industrial automation solutions, security equipment for access control, fire protection and maintenance management services.

Our Vision

  • Becoming a automated control manufacturer and the best in technology solutions , to bring successful to customers.
  • To make OSEC as known brand name in the world, Made in Vietnam.


  • Creating a life of safety and comfort .
  • Bring energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Contribute to the modernization of the country.

Business Area

Building solutions : Automation systems: Building Management System, Lighting Control, Home Automation, Smart control..
Security system: Fire Protection, Public Address, Video Surveillance, Access Control.
Datacenter : Uninterruptible Power Supplier, Computer Room Air Conditioning (Precision Air Conditioning), Dehumidification.

Software Development

  • Integrated Building Management System (via various commnucation protocol).
  • Visualization Interface for Intelligent Control system.

Technical services

  • Project installation.
  • Testing & Commissioning.
  • Mainternance and system upgrade.